I love cooking food for people and I love indulging in yummy food at restaurants. For some reason food has always been a passion of mine, even from a young age. Over the years people have asked me for my recipes, told me to write a blog, and as of recently, asked me to be their personal chef (to which I laughed… out loud). When I was younger, I was in 4-H and I competed in cooking competitions and in college I wrote restaurant reviews for the Concordia Courier. I LOVE FOOD! This is no surprise to anyone that knows me. I certainly love to cook for others and enjoy the happiness that they get from a scrumptious meal! (And the amazing, food-induced nap that comes afterward) I follow bloggers like The Pioneer Woman and The Tasty Kitchen, by no means do I put myself on the same page as them, but they inspire me to cook hearty and mouth-watering meals for the ones I love. The basis for my cooking comes from my love of feeding people! I won’t deny that I LOVE to eat food but it is even more satisfying when someone I love enjoys one of my dishes.

So here is my attempt at blogging my recipes, food adventures, restaurant recommendations, my favorite things and a few humorous stories here and there.

I can’t promise that everything is from scratch (sometimes there is no substitute for Nutella) but for the most part my cooking is homemade, hearty, wholesome and good for the soul. I don’t stick to one kind of food or part of the globe; my food is a mixture of everything from American classics to flavors from overseas. Follow me in this adventure!


First, to my mom, who was able to feed a family of 7 with great meals and didn’t rely on fast food to raise our family. I will be forever grateful for the biggest casserole dishes, ginormous oven pancakes and homemade pickles (seriously, YUM).

To my sisters, who share in my obsession with food and whenever we get together it is a food and wine fest. There is nothing better than making eight different kinds of homemade pizza, drinking wine, and laughing with my four lovely sisters.

To Juliet, who gave me a food journal when I left California and told me to one day start a food and travel blog. Her eccentricity and vibrancy inspire me. Her creativeness pushes me to dream about new things and what is possible!

To Liz, who is one of the funniest people I know and whose excitement over a new recipe is hilarious and at the same time, honoring. Thank you for all the days that you text me for “that recipe” and for always bringing me a bottle of red.

To my dad, who has always told me how wonderful I am.

To my husband, who loves to eat my food, is adventurous in his appetite and is the most important person for whom I cook. Fortunately he isn’t picky (except for not liking pickles!! GASP! How could I have married him? ). My one true joy is creating a mouth-watering dish for him and watching him stand over my shoulder and lick his lips in anticipation. He is also the funniest person I know and keeps me laughing, even if I over cook the chicken. He also does the dishes! I guess I’ll keep him.

Most importantly, to my heavenly Father, who created all of this delicious food for nourishment and enjoyment!

And, overall, to family.

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