Berries All Year Round!

REJOICE! It is berry season here in Oregon but we know that this season is short so we gobble them up, make jam and pies, and then cry because for the rest of the year we have to pay astronomical prices for small containers of flavorless berries from hothouses.

But I’m here to tell you… WEEP NO MORE! You can enjoy your local, plump and juicy berries all year round with this one tip.

Wash your berries, lay out in a single layer to dry, and freeze in a single layer. Once frozen use a spatula to remove and toss them in a freezer-safe plastic container with a lid.

Berries All Year Round

When you’re ready for some berries on your yogurt, in your oatmeal, or in a smoothie in the middle of December simply take out a few and wait a couple minutes for them to thaw. That’s it!

Why did I take the time to write to this seemingly simple post? Because most people wash the berries and toss them straight into a freezer bag. But when you go to use them later in the year they are frozen into one solid brick and when they thaw you have a mushy, liquid mess that is only good for making a cobbler or crisp (maaaaybe). Take one extra step to freeze them in a single layer BEFORE storing them and it will make all the difference.

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