The Awesome-ness of Coconut Oil

I rarely sing the praises of one product so much but Coconut Oil is not just any product. It takes the place of so many products! Not only is it natural, it is also affordable and easy to use As-Is. Coconut oil has been getting a lot of hype lately for it’s benefits and versatility but I’m also singing its praises because I CAN USE IT! If you have some of the most sensitive skin in the world and a sensitive body then you can relate.

The Awesome-ness of Coconut Oil

Let me break it down for you:

In Food: Use Coconut Oil like you would use any other oil in cooking. Either melt it or use it at room temperature depending on your needs. Keep in mind coconut oil will mix well when the rest of your ingredients are at room temperature. It makes a great replacement for less healthy alternatives like vegetable oils and shortening, which can contain GMOs and Trans fats. Use coconut oil at room temperature for flaky baked products. Melt coconut oil and use it in its liquid state to replace vegetable oil and butter.

Topical: I have used this a handful of different ways and I’m excited to share them with you because it has been so helpful to me! Something you may not know about me is that I have extremely sensitive skin. Anything with perfumes, dyes, strong, fragrant oils, soy, and the list goes on! I get rashes, puffiness, and stinging and it has been so hard to find products that I can use on my face, body, and hair.

Face: This works as an excellent, moisturizing face mask. Use your fingers to scoop about 1 tablespoon of oil into your hand and allow to melt slightly with your body heat. Wipe all over your face, working it into your skin, especially around your eyes and mouth. Work it all the way up to your hairline as well. Let set on your face for 15-30 minutes. Take a soft, clean washcloth and run it under warm water. Gently wipe the oil off of your face with the washcloth. Your face will be left extremely soft and moisturized!

Eyes: Apply a small amount of coconut oil to the tips of your fingers and gently rub over your eyes to remove eye makeup gently. Remove the excess with a soft cloth or soft paper towel.

Skin Moisturizer: Apply to dry skin on legs and arms. This is one of the only products I can use after shaving!

On Rashes/Sunburn: Clean the area first. Wipe directly on the affected area and keep from touching too much. The oil will help take away the pain and heal the skin with its natural properties. I have metal allergies and often get a rash from my wedding ring. I rub coconut oil into the clean, dry rash and it helps to heal it up over just a couple days.

Lubricant: That’s all I’m going to say about that 🙂

Lip Balm: I have most recently been making my own lip balm with this stuff! In a double boiler melt down equal parts coconut oil and shaved beeswax. Add a few drops of Vitamin E, and raw, local honey. If you like, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils. Mix and melt all together and pour into lip balm containers. Allow to cool and harden. Use just as you would any other lip balm! I LOVE IT!

These are just the uses I have experimented with although I have seen recommendations for many other uses. I have just recently started using coconut oil for oil pulling and I can say I don’t mind the process and have noticed a slight improvement with headaches. However, it is still too early on for me to say I have noticed a significant difference in the other claimed benefits such as teeth whitening.

Recommended Coconut Oils: As with any natural product it is best to purchase unrefined, organic coconut oil. Costco and Vitacost ( each have a great product at a good price. Trader Joe’s also carries a wonderful coconut oil if you want to start with a smaller amount.

As I have enjoyed the benefits of Coconut Oil, I hope you enjoy the many benefits as well! I tend to be a skeptic and don’t easily jump on the bandwagon just because a product is trendy so I had to try this thoroughly before I shared it on here. Grab a jar and try it for yourself!

**Medical Disclaimer**Coconut Oil is derived from coconuts. If you have a known allergy to coconuts, this may not be the product for you. Consult a physician before treating any medical conditions with coconut oil. ‘3 Spoons of Butter’ and its author are merely sharing personal experiences and cannot be responsible for adverse reactions. **

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