Your Saturday Night Plans


OK, I’m going to share this with you because it is going to be too much of a good thing. I’m talking comfort food, great music, and just an enjoyable evening overall. That being said, don’t make me regret telling you. OKAY?!

Last weekend we went to a small show at Smoky Hearth in Sandy, performed by Samsel & The Skirt. Cary & Kelsey Samsel are a couple that attend our church and are a part of the worship team. They are both EXTREMELY talented and I had been waiting for an opportunity to go to a show!

Samsel & The Skirt perform as a duo and also with their band for larger venues.

Que the reason why I am writing this review:

You NEED to go check out their full band performance this Saturday, Feb 1, at Rock Bottom Brewery in Portland, OR. They go on at 10pm, and I know, it is late but drink some coffee, take an afternoon nap, or get a babysitter. Do what you need to do to be there because it will be SO worth it.

They are self-described as an “alt-country band with earnest lyrics and energetic shows that pull on heartstrings and keep feet stomping”. Kelsey has a unique voice that pulls you in and Cary kills it on the guitar while belting out both classic tunes and their original compositions.

Want a taste of their talent? Check this out: DO it! Also, visit their website Go “LIKE” their page on Facebook to get upcoming event info.

Not only will the music be amazing but Rock Bottom Brewery is one of those restaurants (although it is a chain) that gets my mouth watering. Why? 3 words: Chicken Fried Chicken. MMMMM mmmmmmm MMMMMMM slurp Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Order their Chicken Friend Chicken and your tummy will thank you! It is a crispy fried chicken breast that is served with delicious white cheddar mashed potatoes, all smothered in country gravy. DELISH! Order the beer sampler and you are set for the evening!

NOW- why did I say “don’t make me regret telling you”? BECAUSE if you guys don’t save me a seat and I MISS THIS SHOW because I shared it with you, there will be trouble. I will join your group…I will share your chair…I will stand in front of you if it comes down to it. Mmmmm-kay?

So this Saturday change out of your sweats, run a comb through that mop on your head, and have a night out in Portland for this show!

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