Restaurant Review: La Petite Provence

Smoked Salmon Hash

Part of what I want to share with you is not only the recipes that I cook in my own kitchen but the delicious food that I find on my food adventures. I call them that, food adventures, because sometimes they take me out of my element, out of my bubble, and I get to explore a new area and new cuisine. It is SO much fun, oh, and I get to eat.

When I find a restaurant that I just HAVE TO SHARE WITH YOU, you will find it on here. I don’t blog about the ones I don’t like. I only want you to know about the truly mouth-watering menus out there.

So here is my first!

The hubs and I love to try a few new restaurants every month and this month we drove to NE Portland. We find quite a few of our new restaurants in this area. It is funky and eclectic. It is creative and innovative. We parked just down the street and walked over to this French bakery and café that has been recommended to us by a good friend: La Petite Provence ( on Alberta Street.

Immediately when I walked in I fell in love with the place. The walls were butter yellow and dark, dark blue. A decadent case of pastries, cakes and baked goods greeted me warmly. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a true French bakery (and I know because I have actually been to Paris, Marseille, and Aux-en-Provance). Something else was most surprising (and if you are a frequent diner in NE Portland than you would notice too)… more than 8 people could SIT and EAT here! Shocking, right? There were at least a dozen tables on the first floor and half a dozen more upstairs.

Now you can either just pop in and order a coffee and a buttered croissant (OH.MY.WORD- but I will get to that later) or you can be seated for your meal. We wanted to take it all in so we waited a couple minutes to be seated.

Once seated the service was quick- they came to take our drink order right away. We asked the waiter (of course sporting thick glasses, a ponytail, vans and cut off shorts, because that is how we roll in Portland) for his recommendations and I ordered a whole milk latte with one pump of caramel and Braden ordered a dirty chai latte.

While we were waiting for our drinks the food was served to the table next to ours. It. Looked. Amazing. Rarely do I ever do this but when the waiter came to take our order I pointed at the guy closest to me and said “I’ll have what he’s having” (mostly because 4 other people at the table had ordered that as well so it must be good!)

“Saw a lot of Chinese eating people eating there!” (Name that show!)

What I ended up ordering was the Wild Northwest Salmon Hash. Because I had ordered a savory, Braden ordered a sweet: Banana French Toast.

Well, first off we were given a fresh, hot, buttery croissant and raspberry jam for the table to share. I love it when we get bread at the table… nom nom nom. The croissant paired perfectly with my latte and it was so buttery and flakey that I contemplated ordering a second but I decided I better save room for the rest of my meal. I have self-control like that…(sense the sarcasm).

Our food came and I couldn’t wait to dig in! My hash consisted of a bottom layer of hash that was smoked salmon, thick shredded potatoes and green onions, topped with 3 medium poached eggs and a creamy dill sauce. I took a bite and thought … “well this is different, good different”. It definitely wasn’t like anything I had ever eaten before I LOVED it! I ate half of my food and then switched for the Banana French toast.

Now, you must know that I am instantly drawn to French Toast on any menu. I love how it is dipped in batter and can be made with so many different types of bread. This particular French toast was made out of house made brioche bread which made it UBER moist and melted in my mouth. It was topped with caramelized banana, a white chocolate sauce and walnuts. Just the perfect YIN to the hash’s YANG.

This meal was delicious, the service was prompt and friendly and the atmosphere was fresh and energetic with a dash of prim and proper. Another feature that I just LOVED is that they have the capability of opening up the front of the restaurant for an open air café when the weather is nice. Just another reason that it reminded me of the café style in France.

Check out this restaurant at either this location on Alberta or one of their other 3. It is all on their website I will warn you…if you go to their website while you are hungry you better be ready to drive there right away! ENJOY!

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